Frame Rail Tool – Frame Rail Reduction


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Frame Rail Tool – Frame Rail Reduction for Frame-to-Slide Fitting

The frame rail tool is a good way to reduce frame width of 1911/2011 frames to fit your slide.

You can use stones or sandpaper in the tool to reduce the slide to the desired width.  Use with a 6″x 1/2″ x 1/4″ stone or an aluminum stick with sandpaper (6″ x 1/2″ x 1/8″).    

Gunsmith stones may be purchased separately – available here.

This tool may be used on a new frame or after welding and/or machining of frame rails.

Use this tool to stone or sand oversize frame rails to final dimension.

Holds the stone parallel to the frame rails for precise control over the final dimensions.  Allows frame rail fit as tight or loose as desired without lapping, which often results in removal of material in areas not desired.  Lapping can give a sloppy fit.

Works with 1911 or 2011 style frames equally well (ejector cannot be in place).

frame rail tool

Use on the bench top, in a vise, or in any comfortable position.  Place the rails flat against the stone or sandpaper and remove stock with controlled, even strokes.

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For gunsmith use.  Contact us for assistance.

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