We will help you take possession of a new or used firearm as quickly and easily as possible. Transfers are during normal business hours. We will help you complete all the necessary paperwork and conduct background checks as required by law.

NOTE: This page is our official transfer price list. We will not honor any other websites’ transfer fees.

If a transfer firearm is not picked up, it becomes the property of Deep River Customs after 90 days.

If you decide to return your transfer gun prior to taking possession of it, there is a $40 fee plus any applicable shipping charges to return the gun to the seller. There is a $50 fee for background check denials. Don’t buy a gun online for transfer by Deep River Customs if you have committed a felony in the past.  You won’t pass the background check. If you fail the background check, we still charge the transfer fee and will return the gun to the seller at your expense.


Long guns and handguns: $55.00, $50 each additional gun
NRA Members: $45.00, $40 each additional gun
Law Enforcement / Military / Firefighters / EMS: $40.00
We handle items restricted by NFA rules.