Squib Rod – stuck bullet removal

Solid Brass Squib Rod w/ Delrin head saver.

Made for removing the bullet stuck in a pistol, revolver, or PCC barrel after firing a “squib” load



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Solid Brass Squib Rod

We do not make squib rods for .223/5.56 or .30 caliber rifles

Compatible with 9mm (.355″) and larger caliber barrels.

Squib rod for removing the bullet stuck in a barrel after firing a “squib” load.

  • Made from solid brass to withstand repeated impacts when removing stuck bullets.  Brass will not scratch, mar, or deform the bore of the barrel, so accuracy and function are not affected.
  • The end of the rod is recessed (concave) to help center on the bullet head, helping keep the rod tip from expanding toward the barrel wall.
  • Allows removal of stuck cases from the barrel chamber.
  • All rods come with a Delrin® head saver cap to help extend the life of the rod.  Delrin® offers significant impact resistance.  The Delrin® cap is replaceable.
  • By absorbing the impact from your striking tool, the Delrin® head cap extends the useful life, without increasing the force needed to dislodge a stuck bullet.
  • All rods are approximately .343″ in diameter.  Will fit in any pistol, revolver, or PCC barrel from .380 up, including 9mm, 38 Super, 38 Spec, .357 Mag, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and barrels with similar diameters.


squib rodsquib rod

TWO styles available for your range cart, bag or field tool kit:

  1. Long Pistol – your best value for removing stuck bullets in handguns, it works for pistols with a barrel length of up to 9″, including those with a compensator.  A more heavy duty rod with a uniform diameter of .343″ with a brass head that is thicker (~.5″), that will help save the end of the rod from deforming and provides a larger surface for striking to extract a stuck bullet.  It also adds weight to the rod giving it a more solid feel and added weight to help dislodge the squib.  The Delrin cap provides a larger striking surface and gives added protection to the head of the rod.  Approximately 9″ in length.
  2. Long PCC – for PCC shooters or anyone needing a longer rod to remove squibs bullets from longer barrels.  Similar in appearance to the Long Pistol rod, the Long PCC rod is ~22″ in overall length with a brass head and Delrin cap, and the rod is .343″ in diameter.  For removal of squibs from longer barrels up to around 20″ including comp.

*Use of plastic or wood mallet/hammer recommended

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Squib Rod

Standard Pistol, Long Pistol, PCC Long


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