Adjustable Micrometer Reamer Holder GEN 2


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Deep River Customs Gunner Series Gunsmith Tools

Adjustable Micrometer Reamer Holder – Smoother action, more visible markings, harder steel!

Our Gunner Series Micrometer Reamer Holder allows you to adjust the depth of your reamer .001″ at a time (less if you read between the lines!).  It is just the ticket for precise, repeatable pistol, and rifle chamber reaming.

After you achieve the proper depth, lock down the reamer and never bother with making changes.  As a result, chamber reaming is faster and easier.

Comes with either pistol or rifle heads…or both.  Buy one for each caliber so that you never have to change the settings.

Precision, repeatability, and ease of use: these are the benefits of a Deep River Customs Micrometer Reamer Holder.  You can do production runs with your chamber reamer, without having to index each work piece axially.  Head space consistently, chamber after chamber!

To set up, insert chamber reamer shank in the holder and tighten the set screw.  Insert the holder into the Stop Cylinder assembly (micrometer threaded Stop Cylinder).  Make a rough cut in the chamber (leave about .025″ extra material).  With the reamer bottomed in the rough chamber, move the Stop Cylinder assembly into contact with the work piece and secure it to the Reamer Holder with the set screw.

Allows adjustment the depth of the finish cut in increments of .001″ or even less.  The Stop Cylinder is marked with 50 equidistant markings around the circumference, each of which corresponds to .001″ of axial adjustment.  By adjusting the Stop Cylinder and re-securing the Lock Nut, then repeating the cut, you can zero in on your specified headspace measurement.  Make adjustments of .0005″ with confidence.

Once you’ve completed the first work piece, your holder will assure equal headspace in subsequent chambers without re-adjustment or axially indexing the work piece.

Reamer Holder

Reamer Holder

The Adjustable Micrometer Reamer Stop consists of the following:

  • One precision-ground Reamer Holder to fit a standard Chamber Reamer shank
  • One precision-honed Stop Cylinder with internal threads and .001″ axial adjustment marks
  • Drill rod handle and handle holder
  • Alloy steel construction, black oxide coated

May be used with a floating reamer holder.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in
Micrometer Adjustable Reamer Stop

Pistol, Rifle, Blem Pistol


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