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Match & Competition Hammers by Extreme Engineering (E2)

Lightspeed Hammer

lightspeed hammer

The Lightspeed Hammer was designed for use in match/competition 1911/2011 pistols.  The weight of the hammer is very light to give a faster lock time than the normal commander hammer.

The hammer hooks are micro honed for trigger pulls down to 2 lbs when mated with E2 Low Mass Competition Sear and Disconnector.  Heat treated to 50-54 RC.  Suitable for use only in match competition 1911/2011 pistols when used with the E2 Low Mass Competition Sear and Disconnector.  Great for tactical and carry applications when matched with the E2 Extreme Duty Sear and Disconnector.  Chamfered edge.

Lightspeed II Hammer

competition hammers

Manufactured by Extreme Engineering from a special tool steel alloy.  Designed for the competitive shooter, the Light Speed II Chamfered Competition Hammers provide fast lock time, very light trigger pull, and durability to stand up to the demands of firing thousands of rounds in practice and competition.

The 1911 Light Speed II Chamfered Hammer weighs .3 OZ, heat treated to 50-54 RC for maximum wear resistance. Suitable for use only in match competition 1911 and 2011 pistols.

SuperMatch Hammer

competition hammers

For carry or tactical use as well as competition shooting.  The chamfered SuperMatch Hammer has absolutely perfect geometry.

Manufactured from the same steel alloy as the LiteSpeed and WarpSpeed Hammers, but has a more traditional look and is much lighter than a traditional Commander Hammer.

Tactical II Hammer

The Tactical II Hammer is super for carry or tactical Use.  Manufactured from stainless steel or tool steel, but has a more traditional look and is slightly lighter than our tactical hammer. With a thinned shank and chamfered edges for those who need a hammer with friendly edges for concealed carry pistols.  Heat treated to 50-54 RC

Fits 1911, 2011, Kimber, Springfield, Colt, STI, SV, and Para.

*Gunsmith installation recommended.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Match/Competition Hammer

Lightspeed Hammer, Lightspeed II Hammer, SuperMatch Hammer, Tactical II Hammer


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