DRC Grip Safety

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DRC Grip Safety

The DRC grip safety is CNC-machined from premium-grade solid 416 stainless steel barstock right here in North Carolina. Our grip safeties are designed for the highest grip possible, which makes our safeties approximately 10-14% lighter than competing aftermarket products. The higher your grip is on the 1911, the closer your shooting arm is to the axis of the bore during recoil, which reduces the recoil angle and corresponding muzzle flip to get you back on target faster. Less metal in critical spots on our grip safeties simply means your hand can grip higher and fit deeper for a more secure grip and more accurate shooting while experiencing less felt recoil.

The top rear of our beavertail has also been enhanced, but this time we strategically added metal to make it wider to distribute the recoil, specifically the muzzle flip portion, over a broader area of your hand. The wider design lessens felt recoil by more evenly distributing the force, but it also makes the pistol less capable of rolling left or right during recoil to help maintain proper sight alignment for faster and more accurate follow-up shots.

Gunsmith fitting is required on all new beavertail grip safeties, and gunsmiths will appreciate how quick and easy it is blend our grip safeties for a seamless custom fit. Our grip safeties and frames are both designed for a high, deep grip without excessive grinding, blending, and re-contouring. This is another example of our exclusive Almost-PerfectTM features we design into our parts at Deep River Customs.

Custom Features

Our grip safeties have all the standard custom features too. We machined in a notch in the trigger stop bar to allow you to remove and install the grip safety without having to remove the mainspring housing. Our contact pad is full-sized for positive engagement even with a less-than-perfect grip. The hammer strut channel is deepened to avoid rubbing that can mess up an otherwise perfect trigger job. Our extra-wide upswept design prevents painful hammer bite on even the meatiest hand with the highest possible grip. Our trigger stop bar is radiused in multiple areas to avoid any stress concentrations for greater strength and a longer service life.

Finally, we added an Accu-FitTM modification to the trigger stop bar, a slight forward angle is already cut on the bottom surface to avoid a released grip safety from trapping the trigger and preventing it from resetting. The length and height of the trigger bar are designed to never rub on DRC frames (as well as most competitors’ frames). The mainspring housing contact tabs are thin enough to allow secure blocking of the trigger without filing. Three raised dots have been added to the contact pad to help shooters subconsciously locate and disengage the safety every time the pistol is drawn from the holster. This feature also provides a reproducible reference point to base each shot on while also improving your grip to combat shifting during recoil.

SPECS: Fits all 70-series 1911s. Clearanced for commander hammers. 

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*Gunsmith fitting required.

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