Grip Screw Bushings


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Our grip screw bushings are made to Original Factory Specs For Easy Replacement.

Whether you’re building a custom 1911 or just upgrading grips, these high-quality, economical replacement grip screw bushings will provide a secure, neat-looking installation.

Standard Stock Bushings

Machined and nicely finished. Standard thickness grip screw bushings are a direct replacement for one that is damaged or stripped during use. Sold as a set of 4.

grip screw bushings

Slim Profile Bushings

For 1911 slim or low profile grips. Low-profile bushings replace your 1911’s factory originals, letting you install slim grips for a minimal grip profile on concealed-carry guns or for shooters with small hands. Bushings sold in sets of 4.

grip screw bushings

Note: Some factory installed bushings require removal of rear staking for new bushing installation. Re-staking or Loctite 271 are acceptable ways to secure your new bushing in the frame.

Weight .15 lbs
Grip Screw Bushings

Slotted, Stainless, Slotted, Carbon, Slim, Hex, Stainless, Slim, Hex, Carbon


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