Grams Follower Kit

The Grams Follower Kit includes: A “Grams Format” follower (S1) & (11 coil proprietary spring). For use in “2011” platform/clone/type magazines (all calibers – except 1st. gen STI mag, 9mm x 19mm spacer plate configuration)

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Grams Follower Kit with Spring

Use the Grams Follower Kit for outstanding bullet feeding performance from your magazine.

Kits use a unique locking system to keep the follower from coming off the spring. The follower and the spring are redesigned for better reliability and longer life.

These will not work in the new STI 10 round mags that take a narrower spring.

The Grams follower is the same for all calibers except 9mm with Spacer.

Coils needed for various magazine lengths

  • Use the 11 coil for 145mm or less mags with flat base pads in both 38 and 40.
  • Use the 13 coil for 140+mm mags with extended base pads, 7, 8, or 11mm, or 170+mm mags.

Total magazine length =  length of the complete magazine with base pad installed.  Measure at the back of magazine, from the top point of the magazine lips to the bottom of the back of the base pad.

Enhanced polymer with custom designed spring provides non-stop performance:

  • The Grams follower is supported by spring coil to prevent the follower rolling over in the tube
  • Uniform coil stacking prevents kinking

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Grams Follower/Spring

FKS1-11 Follower & 11 coil spring, FKS1-13 Follower & 13 coil spring


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