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Need a trigger kit for your Springfield Prodigy, Staccato or other double stack 2011 to fix that heavy trigger pull? We’ve got them.

Parts are lapped, honed, and polished by hand.

Featuring Extreme Engineering hammer/strut & sear, Pro Match disconnector, Light Pull sear spring, and competition mainspring.

Available now at Deep River Customs LLC.

Triggers that come with each kit are from Red Dirt Triggers and are specific to your gun. Trigger Kits for Prodigy, Cheely, and STI/Staccato are available now.

The Trigger Kit includes:

  • Red Dirt Trigger w/CNC Machined Polished Bow – made for a drop in fit in the Prodigy frame/grip
  • Extreme Engineering Hammer/Strut – honed & polished legs/hooks
  • Extreme Engineering HD Sear – honed & polished angles
  • Pro Match Disconnector – honed & polished
  • Light Pull Sear Spring – the correct sear spring for you pistol, with prepped contact points for close to drop in fit
  • 17 or 19 lb. Competition Mainspring – your choice.  A 17 lb mainspring will make the trigger pull lighter. As a result of ammunition with harder primers, ignition may be unreliable because of the lighter spring weight.  Installing an Extra Length Firing Pin available here is sometimes required.
  • 1.5mm hex key for adjusting pre and after travel screws

Tested to make certain it will produce a 3 1/2 lb pull weight.  With some sear spring tuning, a trigger pull weight lower than 3 1/2 lbs is possible.

Parts wire EDM cut from bar stock, honed and polished, and heat treated for years of service life. All profiles and through-holes are mechanically correct to function without hand fitting. Correct relief angle on sear nose, narrowed sear spring to reduce pull weight. Chamfered exposed hammer edges to minimize slide drag and clothing wear.

  • Made of high grade tool steel & spring steel
  • Rc hardness 53-55
  • Tolerances held to .0005”
  • EDM wire cut pivots holes and outside surfaces maintain perfect concentric geometry
  • Hammer spur thinned and chamfered; pre-ground hammer hooks
There will be some minor tuning required to get the desired trigger pull weight you desire. For best results the sear spring may need adjusting.  Pre-travel and After Travel will have to be set on the trigger.

Perform all safety checks before use with live ammunition.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in
Trigger Kit -Choose Your 2011


Choose your mainspring

17lb mainspring, 19lb mainspring


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